Cats are one of the cutest and loveable pets, and baby kittens are just beyond cuteness. If you want to adopt a pet, go for Lynx Ragdoll kittens. These kittens have blue colored eyes and medium length fur, making them look like a wool ball. Just one look at a ragdoll, and you would lose your heart to them. 

This article explains all about the look and behavior of Lynx ragdoll cats. Come and see with us why ragdolls are the perfect pet for any home. 

Discovering more about Lynx Ragdoll cats:

How do you know it's a lynx ragdoll?

There are many species of cats out there; some may even look angry, serious and scary, but when it comes to Lynx Ragdoll kittens, they are the cutest. Their pretty faces have the power to melt even the cruellest hearts. 

Ragdolls have a large head and a medium sized round ear. The space around their eyes is perfectly white, and it looks like ragdolls are wearing white eyeliner. Their fur is as soft as a feather, and most importantly, Ragdolls have blue eyes, which is their distinguishing feature. 

What is the personality of Ragdolls?

Ragdoll cats have soft and calm personalities, just like their looks. They love human touch and affection, so Ragdoll kittens are the best companions for children to grow together. While at home, they follow their owners everywhere, demanding attention and love. 

They are polite and well behaved and only meow when they are hungry. Training lynx Ragdoll kittens affectionately is essential to develop their calm personality. If not provided proper love, care, and attention, any pet can start to misbehave and become aggressive. 

Health and vaccination requirements: 

Ragdolls are a healthy cat breed. They need to be vaccinated and dewormed on time, just like other pets. Ragdolls may develop urine infections and stones due to less intake of water; therefore, it is crucial to keep their water bowl full. Water consumption can also get better by serving them liquid cat food. 

Grooming needs:  

Ragdolls have medium sized hair, and it is always good to brush its hair on a regular basis. It is inhumane to declaw and cut their nails. Cats need their nails to jump, hunt, hold and make grip on their toys. Make sure to let them be.  

Emotional development: Lynx Ragdoll kittens 

need to stay with their mom and siblings for at least 12 weeks. This is important for the emotional development of the kitty. Make sure the Ragdoll kitten is 10 to 12 weeks old before adoption. 


Lynx ragdolls come in beautiful colors like chocolate, white, cream and bi-color shades. However, cream colored kitties are rarest among all ragdolls. It is best to adopt Ragdoll cats in pairs. This way, cats won't feel alone or sad, and they will have a playmate to keep them active and entertained all the time. 

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