If you are considering buying a traditional Ragdoll cat, congratulations! The beauty of blue eyes has hypnotized you, and nothing except a ragdoll cat can bring you out of the daze.

Getting a pet is an overwhelming decision, especially for first-time pet parents. Ragdolls are adorable and loving enough to turn anyone's hesitation away. However, they will need the right environment and diet to live healthy. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips on preparing to welcome a ragdoll kitty to the house in the right way.

What to know before adopting a ragdoll?

Traditional Ragdoll cats are fluffy and adorable, but their coat will need grooming, or else their fur will get matted. Apart from grooming needs, they will need litter boxes, food, toys, and a sleeping space. 

Ragdolls are less active and like to sleep and cuddle a lot. For the people looking for a cat who loves attention, Ragdoll is perfect. These kitties are an ideal companion for children and even adults. Ragdolls love to be in the lap and touched all day long.

They don't let their owner live alone and follow them around to provide company. Therefore, these cats need an owner who has time for them. People who are often busy and away from their homes will need to hire a caretaker.  

Preparing yourself to be a ragdoll parent:

  • A cat owner needs to spend time with them to create a strong bond, so the first requirement is time.
  • Secondly, the kittens are generally small when adopted, and environment change can make them feel nervous. Owners need to understand this and be patient with the kitten's attempt to leave.
  • Taking care of a kitten requires attention and responsibility. It includes visiting groomers and veterinary doctors.

Preparing home to welcome Ragdoll kitten:

Traditional Ragdoll kittens are naughty, and they might get into trouble. Therefore, cat parents will need to keep the floors clean and put chemicals and expensive items in safe spaces. Any loose end of a wire can spark the curiosity in a kitten, and loose cables must be closed at all costs.

The next step includes removing toxic plants from the reach of the kitten, and lastly, making windows and balconies catproof is required to save a kitten from falling down. All these precautions are inexpensive and only require effort.

What are the perks of adopting a traditional Ragdoll?

When adopting a ragdoll cat, it is necessary to make sure the cat is not a cross-breed. Only traditional Ragdoll cats are calm and affectionate; crossbreeds don't have these qualities. One must reach a reputable and experienced breeder to get a purebred ragdoll cat.


Taking care of a pet requires time, affection, and patience. First-time cat owners need to be attentive and available to fulfill the needs of their kittens. There is also the option of hiring a cat trainer. This way, the kitten will learn healthy habits from a young age.

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FAQs about Preparing for Traditional Ragdoll Bliss: What You Need to Know.

Q1. What are the essential considerations before adopting a traditional Ragdoll cat?

Ans. Before adopting a traditional Ragdoll cat, ensure you are prepared for grooming needs, have necessary supplies like litter boxes, food, toys, and a designated sleeping space. Understand their affectionate nature and the time commitment required.

Q2. What characteristics make Ragdolls suitable companions?

Ans. Ragdolls are less active, love attention, and make ideal companions for both children and adults. They enjoy being in laps, crave human touch, and tend to follow their owners for company.

Q3. What precautions should be taken to cat-proof the home for a Ragdoll kitten?

Ans. Cat-proofing the home involves keeping floors clean, securing chemicals and expensive items, managing loose wires, removing toxic plants, and making windows and balconies safe. These precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of a playful Ragdoll kitten.